Written by Haseeb Khan 09-Jun-2021 | 0 Comments

Why do companies need custom-tailored training?

Covid-19 has transitioned a gradual advance of remote work into a stampede. The disruption has created uncertainty making companies of all sizes question: “How do you hire and train new talent?”

The dilemma has encouraged and supported enrollment in MOOCs (massive open online courses), readily available on platforms such as Coursera and EdX. In the last few years, more than 25 million people have enrolled in MOOCs.  

According to a survey by Harvard Business Review, 67% of the employed learners said that they would apply their new knowledge and skills in their current jobs. 

But the most important question for managers is to ask what is the cost to benefit ratio of these online training. How do they gauge the outcome of MOOCs? Can they rely on the results of self-learning? 

The answer is simple: custom-tailored training material developed to cater to the needs of an organization. Instead of leaving it to individuals, custom training provides a clear path with a well-defined objective allowing managers to keep track of the progress. 

At 10xEngineers, we have mastered the art of understanding the needs of our customers. We got you covered whether you plan on delivering your material, bring a third-party trainer, or want us to develop training. Our in-house team of experts has mastered the training development cycle - from development to deployment. 

Unlike MOOCs, developing custom training is a delicate and rigorous process. It starts with defining an end goal the customer wants to achieve. Based on the complexity, this goal is further broken down into submodules. Each submodule could have labs and projects. The objective is to train the attendees in such a way that they are able to accomplish the end goal by putting together smaller pieces gathered during labs/ exercises in submodules.

When employers provide support for their employees to take custom-tailored training, completion rates rise from 15% to 58%.