Engineering talent is scarce in this industry

We work with fabless companies designing SoCs for Data centers, 5G, AI & Deep Learning applications. They value the transparency, ownership, and results delivered by our team.

accelerate product time to management

Accelerate Time to Market

10xEngineers recruit and train top global talent to meet the demands of the semiconductor industry.
We aim to accelerate the product roadmap by deploying world-class design verification engineers that augment and strengthen our client’s engineering teams.


  • Helps beat the competitors in the market
  • Delivers high impact on the overall cost of the product
  • Optimizes the time by reducing design and manufacturing cycle

Our Initiatives

Our purpose-built technology for scientific data transforms it into an accessible and analysis-ready asset. This powerful asset enables scientists to solve today’s challenges and drive tomorrow’s innovations. By providing accessible technology, we empower scientists to accelerate their discoveries and achieve breakthroughs.

infinite ISP

Our Services

ISP Acceleration

We specialize in developing image signal processors that deliver superior image quality and keep you ahead of the curve. Our team leverages cutting-edge AI and computational photography advancements to design efficient image processing algorithms, which undergo extensive testing to ensure high-quality standards. We offer end-end research, design, and development services to enhance image quality within computational constraints and bring your ideas to life, from concept to final product.

Algorithm Development

RTL Design

Tuning Application Development

Image Quality Tuning

Image Quality Tuning

RISC-V Acceleration

We provide end-end solutions for your image processing needs. Our team offers expert research, design, and development services to enhance image quality within computational constraints and take your ideas from concept to final product. Our team uses the latest programming languages and tools to create reliable and efficient image algorithms, which are rigorously tested to ensure high-quality standards.

RTL Design

Design Verification

Compilers & Toolchains

IP/SOC Design & Verification

Clients & Partners