Expert verification solution for your tech success story

With the global semiconductor market cap touching the $400 Billion mark, our ASIC/ FPGA design and verification solutions reduce clients' time to market without compromising the level of risk throughout the ASIC design workflow.


10xEngineers Provides expert hardware verification services guaranteeing to deliver complex projects within the promised timeline. Our expertise includes the following:

  • Functional Coverage

    Directed C & assembly tests, UVM test Sequences

  • Code Coverage

    Line, Toggle, Branch coverage improvement using directed & pseudo-random tests & guided UNR

  • Test Generators

    STiNG (Valtrix), RISCV-DV, Torture

  • Testplan Development

    Development of a custom-tailored test plan to capture critical milestones reducing the project risk

  • Regression Triage

    We triage nightly/ weekly regressions; automate bug reporting & cleanup

  • Automation & Infrastructure

    We help automate workflows & improve simulation infrastructure

Accelerate product Time to Market

10xEngineers recruit and train top global talent to meet the demands of the semiconductor industry.

We aim to accelerate the product roadmap by deploying world-class design verification engineers that augment and strengthen our client’s engineering teams.

Benefits of faster TTM
  • Helps beat the competitors in the market
  • Delivers high impact on the overall cost of the product
  • Optimizes the time by reducing design and manufacturing cycle

Flexibility: Recruiting, Hiring & Retaining talent is difficult. Let us worry about it.

With 10xEngineers you do not have to worry about benefits, stock options, vacation time, unemployment, termination hassle, paperwork, recruiting time and expenses.

Our ready to deploy solution guarantees results from the get-go without any hassle.

Current and Past Projects


Covid-19 has transitioned a gradual advance of remote work into a stampede. Companies of all sizes ask: “How do you distribute work the right way? How do you run a remote operation with the most efficiency.”

10xEngineers know the answer firsthand. Our distributed workforce solution through staff augmentation shelters our customer’s project timeline from disruptions.

With the right workforce in place, 10xEngineers can facilitate your organization in accomplishing complex verification projects for faster time-to-market by providing custom-tailored technical solutions.

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