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Expert verification solution for your tech success story

With the global semiconductor market cap touching the $400 Billion mark, our ASIC/ FPGA design and verification solutions reduce clients’ time to market without compromising the level of risk throughout the ASIC design workflow.
RISC-V is an open standard instruction set architecture (ISA) that is quickly being adopted for a wide range of processors from data centers to AI-on-the-edge devices. Some of our team members have been working with RISC-V since 2019.

Our services include, but are not limited to:

  1. RISC-V Processor Design & Verification
  2. Compilers (LLVM) customization
  3. CI/CD and deploying toolchains

As a Development Partner of the standards body, RISC-V International, 10xEngineers is recognized as one of the key contributors to the wider ecosystem that powers RISC-V.

Our team is presenting their paper, Comparison of RISC-V Vector Test Suites, at RISC-V Summit Europe (Jun-2023)

Our Expertise

10xEngineers Provides expert hardware verification services guaranteeing to deliver complex projects within the promised timeline. Our expertise includes the following:

Functional Coverage

Directed C & assembly tests, UVM test Sequences

Code Coverage

Line, Toggle, Branch coverage improvement using directed & pseudo-random tests & guided UNR

Test Generators

STiNG (Valtrix), RISCV-DV, Torture

Testplan Development

Development of a custom-tailored test plan to capture critical milestones reducing the project risk

Regression Triage

We triage nightly/ weekly regressions; automate bug reporting & cleanup

Automation & Infrastructure

We help automate workflows & improve simulation infrastructure


Leading through innovation

Over 20 years of operational experience with selection, integration, assessment, tuning and optimization of camera modules and image quality into multiple existing and emerging markets.

Certified Product

Experience precision and reliability with our certified semiconductor solutions.

Professional Team

Engineering excellence for your semiconductor needs trust our specialized team to deliver.

24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance for uninterrupted productivity count on our 24/7 support.


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